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  1. Im sorry, but this whole controversy is obviously gossip rag BS ... If you look at the GQ tagged ones from the second source, in one of the pictures, she is literally holding her skirt or whatever in her hands, in the others shes either clearly not wearing a top at all, or wearing half of one ... she posed this way, it wasnt photoshopped.
  2. she looks hot, thanks for the hq's
  3. I'm not sure if this was mentioned, but for those interested.... In the close-up picture with her dog, if someone were ambitious enough, I'm sure they could figure out Miranda's phone number from her dog's tag. (If the pic isn't there, as is for some reason the case for me, click the arrow or this link and follow back to the original post) Just glancing I can see 917-399-0???
  4. seriously, wheres that from, and yes, we need in it higher quality.
  5. somehow these got missed-- great full shots:
  6. I don't think this specific picture was ever posted in a decent quality. This one is pretty sharp and MQ-ish, so I'm gonna post it:
  7. [email protected]#&-in-tastic! I like kim, especially the candids, and she gets entirely too little work.
  8. well done, I was waiting for that. Now we need the pic from the actual book! When does that get released, anyone know?
  9. great pics, pentium, size and total number. thanks a lot.
  10. yeah, unlike the originality and uniqueness of a big-bossomed bleach blonde. I'd take alba over miller, as Alba is FAR more unique, and easily less BLAND than miller. To add on top of that the fact that miller looks the exact same in every photo (limited versatility), and can't even get the cover of the seriously unimpressive SI's of the last four years, then I'd say she's far from the most impressive, or the top of anything.
  11. pretty sure its a repost, but just in case:
  12. no problem everybody! And I don't think I deserve any thanks, especially compared to the other contributors (who regularly scan, etc)-- All I did was find the pics online!
  13. Yeah cause there's nothing that says discomfort like smiling ear-to-ear and throwing your head back in laughter.
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