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  1. Lorelei


    She did something to her face, that's obvious; when you get older (we are the same age), wrinkles don't disappeared just like a miracle (cream, make up, food or lot of sleeping), it disappeared with some special treatments; She had a few wrinkles that are not there anymore; I don't criticize, I will do the same, but please don't say she is 100% natural l lol
  2. ooops! She should have tattooed "Fleur rebelle". "Rebelle fleur" is not correct in French.
  3. I've scanned an old picture I found in a magazine.
  4. Lorelei

    Megan Fox

    Yes, she had a boob job, a nose job, lip injections and some peeling to smooth her skin, nothing wrong with that - she is (still) beautiful. I'm fan of Megan since 2004 and I've liked all the things she has done, she is not another Angelina Jolie, Megan is just Megan. Thanks Dawson for the last pic;
  5. Thanks for the pictures, she looks beautiful. IMO she looks a bit like a young Adriana Lima
  6. Thanks for the pictures, she is beautiful
  7. Lorelei


    Thank you Nothingless for sharing with us all these great pictures
  8. Lorelei


    Does anyone have more pictures of Adriana from this set? Can't find anything about it.
  9. Lorelei


    Tribute to Joan Jett? Watch this cover http://www.geocities.com/lil_rocker_roller/JJ1.jpg
  10. Thank you for the thread. I don't really know this actor, I just love his character in Kyle XY, a TV show I discovered last week He reminds me Cam Gigandet
  11. I've just scanned this From L'Uomo Vogue (May/June 2008)
  12. Sorry I have to delete the pictures
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