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  1. Bro what the fuck are you talking about have you ever been in a dimly lit room before
  2. Knowing them, that shoot had a few months' worth of content for them to put out. I look forward to it
  3. Catalogue shoots pay good money for relatively simple work, in comparison to bigger brands and editorial shoots. It's a good way to build some portfolio and experience while also giving yourself the time to study.
  4. Her abs are looking spectacular in that set
  5. These are some of the best pictures of her I've ever seen
  6. One of her instagram captions says the following: Good for her. Sounds like she's been trying for a while so it's nice to see she's happy. I wish her well.
  7. I do not think that there is a strict criteria for which of those body types is "better." To me, "perfect" in regard to bodies is a spectrum. There is no single perfect body, and no single body is perfect for everyone.
  8. Judging by her exercise videos, she certainly works hard for it.
  9. How is it even possible to have those proportions?
  10. Those squats are really paying off, god damn
  11. There's more on the Lounge Underwear site. I'm not talented at pulling images from these sites though. https://us.loungeunderwear.com/collections/intimates
  12. Looking forward to the rest of this shoot
  13. Have these pictures been posted yet? https://www.eberjey.com/featured/campaigns/fall-2019.html
  14. She keeps up a portfolio at this link. She updates it sorta often, so I check from time to time. Maybe nothing recent, but you might find something new to you. https://spark.adobe.com/page/lYE88U6Xx2N6w/
  15. Looks like they had to do a lot of peeling...
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