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  1. Seize the day.

  2. TR! Do you know what really happened to MH? It's gone~ *cries

  3. I miss our male model exchanges! <3

  4. Toni! How's it going? btw, the baby is really really cute! give her a hug for me! ♥

  5. Hello, Nicole. :0 I was wondering if you received my message about the sets. thank you! :flower:

  6. Tiiu looks gorgeous on your avi, Andrea. I love it! :)

  7. cyp! hmmm. miss you! :D


  9. thank you so much for the gorgeous set!! :hug :flower:

  10. Hey! i'm doing good too, thanks..and you? have a good sleep! ♥ =]

  11. nope, i haven't.. but i'll go check it out

  12. same here! what you been up to?

  13. Hey! I'm doing good, thank you! just been a little busy.. and you? ♥ =]

  14. haha. that i have to agree.. =[, hmm. i was thinking of getting a Gerrard one again, but now that you mentioned it, i might get one of Xabi too ♥.. well, i'm doing just fine too, thank you.. just enjoying my vacation, the thought of entering college sends me to the orbit, haha, i just don't feel like it yet. ♥ =] and i hope you get you're free time!

  15. yep.. and i thought it couldn't get any worse.. =[ nope, but i'll be getting one soon. =] how hare you, btw?

  16. haha, thanks.. =]

  17. Happy Birthday! :flower:

  18. Happy Birthday! :flower: :fun:

  19. you're very welcome! :)

  20. Happy Birthday! :fower:

  21. and i almost forgot, ed.. i love you! (i mean, you'll never know.. you're a ninja, you might do something bad to me, coz the Man U thing, right?) =]a

  22. surprisingly, yes.. but, are we going to let them do that, huh? of course not! but i'd.. ehem.. like to.. uh.. see.. nah, just kidding. =] YNWA!

  23. hey, I've got to get going, still have lots to do over here. anyways, it was really nice talking to you! i'll catch you later, Nichelle! :hug: :flower: :)

  24. Yes, you actually do look like her! I still have to endure 4 years of college before being able to travel, but mom says if I'll be good, she might arrange something during vacations. =]

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