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  1. @BAGGOT Yeah, I believe they are from a YouTube video from The Fashion Channel. I've seen "The Story of..." for other models. I'm using Photoshop to create 4K montages of the individual captures that @vatras posted earlier. And it's funny the amount of Erin shots in a story of Candice. 😄 I think the videos are from this channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/FashionChannel
  2. @bump Yeah, win some lose some. Can't make everyone happen. I'm not speaking for other Mel fans, but personally, I'd rather have more Mel than not enough. 😂
  3. Not that I'm aware of, but then again I'm not stingy on re-posts, so not a big deal for me. Especially if there are 140+ pages, I think there is a reasonable expectation that if there are any, they aren't done on purpose. In other words, by all means keep postin'! 😎
  4. @BAGGOT 😂 Except you don't go blind! But yeah... Mel is 🔥 starting out 2022! @bump Excellent posts! And the Alo Yoga video works now. 👍🏆
  5. @gtemt I haven't seen it but I'm guessing it's discreet
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