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  1. Good genes (and jeans 😂) run in the family. And her 2nd sister is on the far right?
  2. I'm more interested in the blonde in the white sweater to her right... inquiring minds want to know. 🧐
  3. Great Jo gifs... or should I say Jifs! 😂
  4. I have an idea for VS: bring back Elsa, Jo, etc. and launch plaid bikinis! 🤣
  5. What year(s) were each of these from?
  6. Nice Xmas colors and the red stockings (no pun intended). And legs for days.
  7. Elsa must have just seen my previous comment and be like "Hold my beer." 🤣
  8. Same here... she showed up on my recommended IG feed a couple of months ago, and I was like 🤯 . She's like a cross between Taylor Marie Hill and Irina Shayk. Killer bod, too.
  9. Elsa taking full advantage of the post-pregnancy cleavage (I'm not complaining). 😁
  10. Grown Ups 2 : video capture 4K montages and contrast boosted
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