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  1. Should point out, that's a teaser for a new photo set >.>
  2. She's not "every other model" on the planet. She's already successful. A lot of models do things like release calendars and the like. And yes, they do lock certain things behind a paywall. And yes, it's perfectly reasonable to ask for people to not PIRATE THE WORK. As for the set. No, it's not filled with nudity and that's okay. She's beautiful, and quite frankly, this is one of my favorite sets. Not everything has to be nude.
  3. Have not gotten mine yet either but I am quite patient. I imagine it isn't an instant process pending demand.
  4. I won't post it (I learned my lesson) but uh... if anyone else got the email from her site promoting the photoset there's a nice preview picture. I mean a very very nice picture.
  5. She's releasing a new photoset guys... don't think there's nudity this time, but I'm glad she's not given up modeling or releasing these things entirely. (I know I know some of you don't like how much it costs.)
  6. I'm guessing since her work gets leaked all the time its why she's not done anything else.
  7. I'd like to know who the idiot is that leaked these. Because once again they surface publicly despite her wishes people do not share them on the internet. At some point she'll stop doing this stuff. .... and if someone says they do it because they don't want her to sell her stuff, just don't buy it bruh.
  8. It's because of people like you that Genevieve isn't doing anymore calendars. When I posted pictures of her 2018 calendar and wasn't thinking twice about it, I felt like shit when I realized how people love to spread things far and wide and how much it hurt Genevieve. I was an idiot and because I have a conscience I took them down. The fact that people like you have no care or concern about this is pathetic. The fact that someone leaked several shots of her Bathtub Series is pathetic. One of these days she'll stop producing any content like this because of self centered "fans" who only care about their wankbank.
  9. "She is getting up there after all." .... why do comments like these have to be made? x.x
  10. Why do you need to see what's between her legs anyway? -_-
  11. Yeah let's not share. That backfired last time.
  12. Something is coming today or this week some time from Gen... not sure what.
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