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  1. hey! thanks for the birthday wish again its been so long! =D

  2. thanks for the bday wish ^_^

  3. Hey I just saw your birthday wish cuz I haven't been on BZ, thanks alot ^_^

  4. i just saw your birthday wish to me. thanks alot ^^

  5. thanks!~ ^_^...and where's yours? =P

  6. I was born in thailand, raised in singapore. I see you're from Russia. ^_^

  7. awww, thank you!!! You're so nice ^_^

  8. aw, thanks! and HI!!

  9. hi! you joined bellazon on my birthday..*haha*

  10. oh you should! ^_^...see ya around!

  11. yea..I prefer Hikari...Passion english version wasn't very good...but the jap is better ^_^

  12. ahh...I like the song by Utada Hikaru

  13. you like Kingdom Hearts?

  14. glad you like it here ^_^

  15. doing great ^^...how do you like it here?

  16. Hi, how are you?

  17. hi, how are you? ^_~

  18. hello, how have you been? I was just looking at your website ^^

  19. thanks for the concern ^^

  20. thanks ^^, and met some of my girlfriends yesterday...they cheered me up.

  21. well...he doesn't seem to be settling this...

  22. still same, yea...how bout you?

  23. work things out? He'll flare out...anyways...congrats that a company offered you a job...you must be really good!

  24. I was thinking I should give him..some time...so how's your weekend?

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