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  1. Thanks Anouk. They are beautiful!
  2. Steph_26


    Thank you for the video. She was so incredibly beautiful even when she was 15. So cute too.
  3. Steph_26


    yes I agree. I would love to see pictures of her, when she was a child or teenager. But I couldn't find any.
  4. I have found this new video on youtube. Ana is talking about her tatoo. It's really nice.
  5. Steph_26


    Who are you talking about???
  6. Hi, I am sorry, I still don't know how to post pics properly. But I'm learning. I found some candids I have never seen. I post them and hope you haven't seen them yet. Credit to: world-anabb
  7. Hi , I think Ana is so beautiful! These Candids are old, but I have never seen them before. I hope they haven't been posted before. Credit to World-anabb untitled1.bmp untitled1.bmp
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