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  1. You are so sweet! Thank you!

  2. Thank you! I didn't recognize her in that pic but yes Bianca is very very beautiful! BTW I love your username! Real cool!

  3. Hi tigerlily. Who is the girl in your avatar?

  4. Hi Joe!

    I love your avatar! You gonna be 99 this year?! Congrats!

  5. this sounds pretty cool! I don't know how to sew....

  6. yes the movie is with J.Lo and Antonio Banderas. It's not that fantastic, but I thought it was very interesting because it wants to raise awareness of the problems of juarez.

    in my free-time I like meeting my friends, going to restaurants and bars, watching movies, listening to music, reading books, playing with my two cats...

    what are you up to in your free-time?

  7. Hi lirey, wow that sounds great. Have never been to mexico, but I'd love to. I have seen a movie yesterday. It's called Bordertown with Jennifer Lopez, and it's about the missing women in ciudad Juarez. Really sad. Actually I never see any models, because I think we have different lifestyle. I go other places than they do.

  8. yes I am from Brasil. I live in Rio. Have never been to Mexico but must be great. Where do you live in Mexico?

  9. thanks lirey! He is really good-looking, but his name doesn't sound spanish,,, are you from spain?

  10. Hi, who is this guy in your avatar? He is cute!

  11. Hi, I too love your set with Adriana!!! beautiful!

  12. Crystal is so beautiful!

  13. the pic of cat and dog in your avi is soo cute!!! ;-) Happy new year by the way...

  14. Hi you,

    are you really from finland? How interesting.

  15. Sou. E voce? Voce fala portugues?

  16. Hi widget,

    thank you. As long as it helps to improve a few things in Rio for EVERYONE and not just only for the tourists of the Olympic Games, it's a great thing. But I doubt it....

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