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  1. The blonde is Laura Michelle Prestin.

  2. Look at that avatar! You're all into ripped abs now, aren't you? :P

  3. What social disadvantages do married Slovakian women have? From an American perspective I never thought of women being disadvantaged by marriage, but then again, I never really thought about it to begin with. :lol:

  4. Why would anyone want a job when they can just play the lottery over and over? Or, better yet, Maryland is building casinos! Woohoo!

  5. So what are these negative opinions you have on marriage?

  6. I'm conflicted about marriage. On the one hand, with the skyrocketing divorce rate, marriage seems more pointless by the year; on the other hand, if (when?) I met Mrs. Right, I might want more than the feeling that we're just going to be dating for the rest of our lives.

  7. Of course I'm still here! I've been waiting for you all this time! :P Actually, no, I'm still here because I'm trying to prey on young attractive girls who want to become models. :ninja:

  8. So are you married yet? Or do I still have a chance? :P

  9. Oh no, not that. I think a lot of the people I became friends with early on don't come around much. Plus, there was a lengthy period of nothing from Marisa, so I didn't spend much time on the forum. Errr... so what's going on with you? :D

  10. Yeah, I know! I hardly talk to anyone on BZ anymore! I'm like a hermit now. :P

  11. When did you become an admin? :o Or have I just not been paying attention?

  12. OMG, I literally zoned out watching your avatar w/o even realizing it.

  13. Can someone please tell me how StevenM is not blocked/banned yet?

  14. Looks like people are trying to figure out who the model in your set is. http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=29151#entry2203861

  15. Pshhh! I called the number and all they would give me is Lara Stone's number, and I was like, "No cavewomen please!"

  16. You can make it up to me... by getting me Candice's phone number.

  17. Too late, too late! Not accepted! :P

  18. Shout out for my fellow History Channel fan! :P

  19. You were a good six hours early, but thanks! :D

  20. Your avatar makes me want to listen to "I'll See You In My Dreams." :D

  21. Do you mean the new NFL season? Of course I'm looking forward to it! We might actually have a passing game this year! And the milk cartons are not from a commercial. They're from the music video for Blur's "Coffee and TV." :P

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