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  1. It's pretty standard evreywhere that people in their late 30s and beyond aren't up to speed with technology and still believe evreything on tv.
  2. morpheu


    She is a millionaire,they don't deport millionaires.She probably never needed it because of her high profile and wealth and she could have just renewed her working visa over and over again,i do believe she may need citizenship if she is to start her own brand,whatever it will be.
  3. morpheu


    Stop feeding the troll pls.
  4. I don't see any lines on her stomach other then some abs and the red lines at the puma photoshoot with the blue/yellow stuff.The red lines are stretch marks.They usually form from losing weight really fast or/and gaining muscle which makes sense for her since she trains really hard before work.They can form on your shoulder or arms as well, depending on the workout that you have been focusing on too.She is really fit now since last year.And they can easilly be hidden by lotion anyway.They go away naturally
  5. morpheu


    Interview a long time ago when adriana was young i remember.And she never had a vogue us cover so it's no secret that she doesn't really like her that much.Couldn't care less about anna,the moment i saw kardashians on vogue ,it losts it's fashion exclusivity.
  6. morpheu


    Anna never liked adriana and adriana never seemed the one that kisses asses so i doubt she would care at this stage of her career.Didn't anna say a long time ago that adriana should only do commercials and not runnway or editorials?
  7. You can literally see in her IG stories before and after she wen't to him,no difference.And he is a dermatologist,look him up,he does facials and many different treatments.Also she always said she did nothing to alter her face,she wouldn't share going to a plastic surgeon because of that lol. Edit:Also after botox,you shouldn't do exercises for a couple of days,yet she was at the gym the next day
  8. Think it was hers,she was still using it after they broke up,the media at the time reported that she bought it and zeelander advertised the fact that she bought it.
  9. morpheu


    it seems like JFK airport
  10. 1.Her body looks great for somebody her age with 2 children and your showing a picture in which her waist looks great. 2.She doesn't choose what to wear on a runway or photoshoots(you take one bad photo out of all the others in which she is smilling and interacting with audience and dancing backstage)This is for Puma sports brand not VS. 3.She is 37 and like evrey damn model her age ,they slow down and enjoy life and do other things that don't require constant travel 4.She has tens of millions of dollars 5.She dresses the same since she started having children.Sometimes more covered up and rarely revealing.Like most humans do in their late 30s. 6.She posts a lot of gym pictures in which she has shorts and a sports bra and she never posted lingerie stuff or even bikini if they are not from work or a brand that she works with.Once she posted a picture about her with a towel and that was the most revealing thing outside of work she ever posted. 7.This whole reputation crap has been going on for a year and yet she still get's big contracts.
  11. When you write an OPINION here ,anybody can respond to it,it's a public forum.
  12. Her career started because of Ronaldo.When she got those first interviews on the late night shows,all were asking about her boyfriend.Shortly after she started dating him she got her first big break with SI.She is just as smart as the IG models that took advantage of their parent's money and connections to get where they are.Only she did it with dating.She is beautifull and incredibly sexy and i like her but that is how her career got off.The whole beef she had with sampaio on social media doesn't exactly make her an angel either.
  13. Don't know who you are talking to but you confirmed what i said
  14. This is a fan forum.When it comes to celebs private lives fan forums and gossip sites comment section are in the same boat,always has been,they all know who's best for the celeb without knowing them.The difference is that haters are shut down here and leave.
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