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  1. yeah i had such a high hopes since it seems Genevieve Morton guided her towards doing this and next to Gen's sets Charlotte's is rather disappointing. I like the pics alot but it's not worth money if you want nudity
  2. i can bet she'll be just reposting instagram stuff there
  3. i wonder why is she doing topless and nude shoots now and not before weight loss,she could have definitely make crazy money then
  4. theres much more to look forward to
  5. it's sante dorazio shoot,from his instagram. photos from her incoming collection is shoot by mark squires
  6. great news,she's starting exclusive collections similair to what Genevieve Morton did,should be great
  7. uncensored one from sante dorazio shoot. if only she was brave enough before the weigh loss
  8. that's why it's way better than porn,for me at least
  9. i'm very surprised by the direction she took,that's not something you see very often,especially from girls who started as a models and are stunning as her. props to her for bravery,i'm definitely subscribing
  10. she claims that for years she has some sort of condition which makes her look busty and healthy in one hand and in other thin and sickly,which is hard to believe when you compare her looks in recent times with the way she looked couple years ago or when she first appeared. just look how suddenly she lost so much weight and along with that her whole figure. it looks more that she has eating disorder or is on some heavy vegan diet but won't admit...
  11. gotta commend her bravery to do nude shoots so early when so many bigger name models never dared to do so
  12. she's a "big name",there are far less known girls who are raking in crazy money selling their pics,not even nude pics in many cases,she probably wants to jump onto that train too
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