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  1. Unfortunately there are many cases and deaths in this state. Of course, this kind of meeting and proximity are dangerous.
  2. Another fool who doesn't respect the gestures of prevention and distancing. Even if the beaches are allowed, it's silly to go there with friends.
  3. I also hope that she will quickly recover. This virus shit is really doing terrible damage, even in young people. It's terrifying.
  4. I agree this is not very similar. But I like the reference to Mononoke
  5. No Princess Mononoke for Barbara. It is great. Bravo to barbara to choose such a beautiful work, the best costume. A masterpiece of Myazaki
  6. They wanted a girl who looked sad and constipated for this campaign. The theme is red and black is better for a black hair than a redhead. Sara seems to me the best for this campaign.
  7. To read some comments Lais should have kept quiet to avoid being accused of lying. Continue to support the culture of silence the pigs thank you.
  8. I read the comments, and she insinuates that there is a doubt about what Lais said. It's part of a culture of doubt that has always been on victims. This blocks many victims to file a complaint.
  9. it's strange you always find him a good excuse. And prefer to accuse Lais to lie.
  10. Why necessarily defamatory ... If he feels defamed he can also go to court for that.
  11. Many real victims prefer to be silent because they are afraid of reactions like yours ...
  12. Seeing some of your comments, I understand why only a minority of victims file a complaint ...
  13. Yes, you're right. It's huge this change. I wondered if it was bad surgery, but no.
  14. She does her job to make money like all of us. It's very good to assume it. There is nothing shameful about assuming it.
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