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  1. I'm going to report you for excluding several aspects of society. Drop the non-inclusive examples or pay the price #banHer
  2. If the show comes back on netflix (or any other streaming platform), I highly doubt it will be back as we know it. They’ll hire a real director that will turn everything less amateurish. The middle segments will probably feel like small movies that follow some pattern/theme, giving it a sense of cohesion instead of having the angels just randomly talking about their pets, their work as farmers as they grew up, etc... As for the actual show, I doubt a streaming platform would invest thousands/millions for it to look anything less than perfect. As such, I doubt you will see the mistakes that got us going for weeks, even if they have to record the show a thousand times. I also doubt you’ll have any stuff to talk about in the weeks leading up to the show. Streaming platforms are really tight lipped about their releases until they are actually released. All in all, the “show”, if it ever comes back as such, will probably be a more approachable experience for the random viewer but a much less enjoyable one for us, the fanatics.
  3. @bump, most of your posts put a smile on my face. They always follow the same pattern: First paragraph: “I’m bored” or “Maybe no one cares” Second paragraph: Description of every single angel, repeating the same things ad nauseam: “She’s boring”, “I don’t like her face”, “she’s nice”, “I used to like X last page but I don’t in this one” Third paragraph: “I probably forgot some angel because there are so many now”
  4. On the show: - They had to take a step back this year so that they could come back stronger next year. - Ed was the one that told them all in person that the show was cancelled. - While the show's cancellation is a delicate matter, it was the right decision. It's better to have the show cancelled this year than "do it all wrong" and having everyone criticizing it again. On the topic of Ed and the whole trans-comments mess, she said she's really close to him and that he's 71 years old, he "made" some of the biggest models and he made the show. Times have changed and he noticed that he wasn't helping VS (with his comments, I suppose). As such, he was the one who decided to leave so the brand could pave its own path. Regarding Valentina Sampaio, Laís said she has a tendency to push forward people she likes, not only in VS but also in real life. She says Valentina is a really beautiful girl who can help bring down some stereotypes and make herself an example so she's really happy that VS shot with them and that the brand is opening itself to diversity.
  5. That’s all rather good but she’s not Pink’s spokesmodel, is she? All she comes across as is goofy.
  6. You all forgot to mention how you don't want Sadie birdface to ever come back. 😂
  7. From the new angels "era", this is probably my favorite besides some of the holidays' commercials:
  8. VS is responsible for all those girls being should-have-beens. All of them have/had huge potential but... Instead of using pics of them as sexy, bombshell girls VS gives you cute girl 1, cute girl 2, cute girl 3 and unused girl 1, unused girl 2 and unused girl 3.
  9. You all harp on about VS having no "household names" but the truth is... That's fashion nowadays. There are no "household names" anymore. Social media made it so that everyone is replaceable. While it is way easier to get your own 5 minutes of fame, it's increasingly harder to stay at the top for a long time. No current model is internationally known nowadays. The last supermodel appeared some 10/15 years ago, before social media was a thing. Pretty much everyone has access to the internet nowadays. Why would a brand invest in 3 or 4 unapproachable spokespeople, pay them millions just for them to be adored by 10% of the population when they can have 15 girls, pay them way less, and get access to 90% of the same population? When you add in the fact that we now live in a politically-correct era, even all the Plain Janes you deem as so detestable have a place in advertisement/fashion/VS. With that said, I don't understand how they still don't have an Asian angel.
  10. Is it possible that Sara's angel contract has changed? It has been months since she tagged VS Sport in any of her work-out posts/stories and I've also noticed she has thanked/tagged Adidas in some insta stories this last month. Maybe it's nothing but I just found it weird. I've also noticed that, lately, she hasn't been posting as much as before. There's no information on shoots, etc... It's basically VS and Armani nowadays. She did say in one of her stories that there was a project that she was really excited about. Wonder what that is.
  11. We had enough goofiness/fake-happiness with Josephine already. Can you imagine an interview with both of them? Also, I expect all these new new angels getting all of their FB, SO, Openings before Sara. She'll have to pretend she's happy closing one of the filler segments. Again.
  12. The show was pretty decent, in general. My issue is... I don't think I've heard the word "angel" even once during the whole event. The girls names aren't used in the intro, they don't speak in the in-between segments, etc... It's completely impossible to distinguish the angels from the other models, unless you're a fan/follower. If you can't use your biggest event to showcase your spokespeople, what's the point of having spokespeople at all? VS needs to hype their girls, put them on pedestals, create a following, like they did 20 to 10 years ago. Only then will they be useful in actually selling something. For as much as people like or dislike any given "new angel", this problem is not any of the girls' fault. The problem is with the company and how they publicize them. Instead of having the general crowd googling "Sara/Elsa/Taylor from Victoria's Secret" and get them to follow them and their work (with VS) and thus potentially increasing sales, you'll have the general crowd watching the show and forgetting its existence within a day. There's really nothing to gain from the show because there's no follow-up at all. Watch the show as an outsider and what will you do once the show ends? Which girl will you search for?
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