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  1. Sorry Candice I love you but that looks like you've had 5 too many tequila shots....
  2. She looks stunning. Thank God for Patrick Ta. Not following the theme but love the look anyway
  3. If she is hanging out with those two pre met gala I am betting they are doing her hair and makeup sadly
  4. Looks like she went to harry Josh's pre met party last night. Any photos anyone?
  5. Omg she is going!!! Can't wait to see what she wears
  6. @Grievous I feel uncomfortable and wish they weren't posted here. I obviously didn't post them.
  7. Obviously these photos were taken without her consent..... paparazzi are creeps. Hopefully these photos aren't all over the internet soon.
  8. Omg two shows in fashion week... looking gorgeous
  9. I feel like she has done either no shows or one show in fashion week for years now. Please do more Candice!!
  10. So stunning! Love everything about the look ❤
  11. It seems like she is in Brazil but who knows!
  12. Not a big fan of the cover. I guess not having a Hadid on a Vogue cover this month is a miracle though....
  13. Elsa looks great in the new solid and striped swimwear campaign. Romee is the face of Seafolly swim in Australia (and looks amazing) Good luck to you vs swim lol
  14. Would love to see Candice shooting for vs swim. I know that is almost 100% unlikely to happen though!
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