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  1. hey!

    i was away (again) for a while, so my apologies for not realizing you posted a comment^^:)

    but anyway, how are you?

  2. i see, you better get some rest then^^:D

    i have to finish an essay in time for tomorrow.=.='' and it's 11pm here already.

    anyway, just out of curiosity, are you the one on the left or the right of your picture?

  3. i'm doing alright, what bout u?^^:D

  4. Hey!!!!^^:D

    thanks so much!!!!!!

  5. OMG! Thank you so much cypress!^^:D

  6. will do^^:D

    so what are you up to these days?

  7. i am doing fine^^:D

    what about u?

    ale's forum is great, but i haven't been going on it very often these few weeks.

  8. poor you, have you been very busy recently? same here, but luckily i only have one more week of school until i have my easter holiday!^^:D

  9. haha, i am sure none of us will ever get tired of having a rest!^^:D

  10. my weekend was alright, managed to get some work done. what about yours?

  11. hey matie^^:D

    how're you doin?

  12. i love justin as well, but rock is my favourite genre, i just love to shake my head , move around or pretend i am playing the guitar/ drums when i hear rock music i like!^^:D

  13. heya!^^:D

    took me a while to reply, sorry:D

    anywya, what kind of music best makes you want to move?

  14. gosh! it really isn't hard to predict these kind of games! i say man utd 2-0 liverpool!^^:D

  15. i hear music and i move as well, ^^:D

    you know, just simple stuff:D

  16. i am not particularly fond of dancing, and in fact i am no good at it at all, but hopefully i will be learning popping in the summer.:D

  17. ah, that's a shame:)

    yes i love him, his new album is just awesome^^:D

    and his moves! gosh i want to be able to dance like that!

  18. what i meant was that i was good enough to become a pro, but since i went to study abroad, i haven't got the opportunity to keep that up><

    so do u play street football yourself?:p

  19. yeah, i think street football is cool, it's just amazing the amount of tricks people come up with!

    ah, i wish i am a pro, but i am not that good:D though i was good enough to be a professional swimmer:D

  20. i am good, apart from the fact that i am exhausted from playing football^^:D

  21. hiya!

    just wanna ask if you have posted swear words in your thread, cos apparently the page was "pornography phrased"=.='' according to my school. so i couldn't reply your posts there><

  22. hello,

    how are u doing?

  23. what a game that was:D

  24. so i read about it, 3-2 eh? they were 3-1 up by half time!

    we won as well, but i guess rather fortunately ^^:D

  25. i am doin' good^^:D

    what about u? are madrid winning?:D

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