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  1. Ana Beatriz is on the cover of Brazilian magazine Quem! Ana Beatriz Barros: New Mom's Curves. Seven-and-a-half months pregnant, Ana Beatriz Barros is expecting her first a child, a boy, from her marriage to Karim El Chiaty. The 35-year-old model got pregnant eight months after saying I do to the businessman in a big bash on Mykonos, Greece. "I got pregnant really fast. I had my IUD taken out and it happened on the following month", she says. With her pregnancy, the changes on the model's body came quickly. "Two months in, I had a huge bump", says she, who have gained 22 kg so far. "I'll go back to my previous shape in my time, I won't diet". I haven't seen Ana Beatriz Barros since her dream wedding in Mykonos, Greece, to Egyptian businessman Karim El Chiaty in July 2016. I remember that on the day of the wedding, I went to her house to interview her, since I didn't want to disturb her during the party, and she was really agitated, moving her legs nonstop and answering the questions very quickly. I really think she was under the "anxious/nervous bride" spell. Exactly a year and three months later, she greets me in her apartment in Higienópolis, São Paulo, with a beautiful big bump. Ana Beatriz is seven-and-a-half months pregnant with a boy. It's her first pregnancy and she's radiant. She's calmer, with a peaceful and plentiful look. And, this time, our talk is longer. Her legs don't move anymore. She exchanged that for the hand in her belly. Yes, she likes to caress the baby all the time. "I've gained 22kg, can you believe it?" She confides. Actually, I could tell her breasts were bigger, her face rounder. Ana Beatriz was always the skinny type. For an international runway model, the new shape scares a little. "The belly doesn't disturb me so much. But the rest grew a lot, it's so weird because I was thin all of my life. Now I have a butt, legs, arms..." she explains. However, her new curves have a much bigger purpose: carrying a child. Right now, her model career comes fifth or sixth. "Since I've decided to be a mom, my priority is my son. I think I have to come second. Those moms who don't breastfeed and want to go back into shape quickly, I think they're a little selfish. I'll go back to my previous body in my own time. I won't diet, I won't damage him and stop breastfeeding so I feel fine", swears the model. The kid is due early December and will be born in Brazil despite his Egyptian dad and Greek paternal grandmother. "My family is here, my doctor who is with me for 17 years too. I felt more at ease here, speaking my language. And Brazil is Brazil, yeah? I love Brazil, here they're more affectionate, less cold", she explains, planning to give birth naturally. "If I can't, it's not an issue, I'm not against C-section", she ponders. The one thing the parents haven't decided is the boy's name. "We're torn between Hamed, my father-in-law's name; Karim, my husband's name, and Anwar. We'll wait for the birth to decide". Currently, Ana Beatriz and Karim split their time between London, England, and Cairo, Egypt, because of his businesses. They also have a house in Athens, Greece (to where they plan to move when their son is of kindergarten age), and another in Los Angeles, California. Not couting the model's apartment in São Paulo. With that, the baby will have five nurseries in five different places in the world. "He'll be a traveller", she laughs. "My sister-in-law Tania, who has a baby already, bought everything for the nurseries for me. Each place will have a decor. But it's all neutral, because if I have a girl later, she'll be able to use the bedroom, I won't have to rework everything". DISCOVERING THE PREGNANCY. "I always wanted to be a mother, but I wanted to enjoy my marriage a little. I got pregnant really hast. I had my IUD taken out and got pregnant the following month. I thought it would take about six months to happen. I wasn't emotionally prepared. When I took the test, because my period was late, I went out to dinner and later remembered to check the result. Then I saw it, and it was positive. At the moment it's very difficult to sink in. And my husband wouldn't answer my calls. I couldn't call my mom and friends, I had to tell the father first. I tried for two hours, biting my nails. When he picked up, instead of giving him the good news, I said, "Where were you? I have to tell you something! Is there someone near you? Go to a corner!" He didn't expect it either but was really happy. After his nephew was born he was obsessed with the boy. He really wanted a child. When we met, it was a joy. The next day, I went to LA, took another test there and it was positive. Can you believe that before I went to the doctor and everything I went to Coachella? I stayed there three days. When I went back, I saw my doctor, did the scans and heard his heartbeat. That part is exciting because the baby is there, for real". BLESSED HORMONES. "Everything was really fast. Two months in, my bump was huge. My breasts were really big as well. And I was really nervous. It's crazy, you can't identify really well: there are times you're happy, then sad, then nervous. It's a mix of emotions! Poor Karim, I thought he would file for divorce. But then I gave him several pieces about pregnancy to read and he started to understand. I wasn't nauseous, every now and then I'd wake up slightly nauseous, but nothing major, I didn't throw up. But I was really sleepy. In the first trimester, my eyes closed, I couldn't open them. I couldn't go out to dinner, I felt like sleeping in the restaurant. And back then I had five weddings to go to, it was difficult, going to parties is exhausting. But after the third month you're great, it doesn't feel like you're pregnant. Now, seven months in, I started feeling tired again". WANTING ICE CREAM. "I read a lot about pregnancy and ate everything that is good: foods with omega 3, fish, really healthy food. But I have the urge to eat chocolate ice cream and chocolate. I eat them everyday, if it's hot, if it's cold. Pregnancy makes women hungry, now I eat bigger portions. But I also hiked a lot and did a lot of yoga, I wasn't a lazy pregnant woman". BODY CHANGES. "My skin really has a glow it didn't before. My hair also shines, is fuller, healthies. For a model like me, the body is really difficult. The belly doesn't disturb me so much. But the rest grew a lot, it's so weird because I was thin all of my life. Now I have a butt, legs, arms, my face... It depends on the day for me to feel pretty, it's something related to the hormones. But it doesn't bother me. I don't care at all, if people want to say I'm fat, I won't hide. But I do prefer when I'm thinner". DEMANDS ABOUT GETTING BACK IN SHAPE. "Those exist, especially in my job. I think each woman is different, they have their time, their speed, they gain weight differently, in different places. No one can demand it of me. I have the right to have my time to feel well, to think what's good and what's not good for me. Everyone says breastfeeding helps losing weight and that you can't diet during breastfeeding, that it isn't good. Since I've decided to be a mother, my priority is my son. I have to come second. I think those moms who don't breastfeed and want to be thin are a little selfish. I'll go back to my previous body in my own time. I won't diet, I won't damage him and stop breastfeeding so I feel fine". BRAZILIAN DELIVERY "My family is here, my doctor who is with me for 17 years too. I felt more at ease here, speaking my language. And Brazil is Brazil, yeah? I love Brazil, here they're more affectionate, less cold. At first it was difficult to convince Karim because he'll have to go back and forth. But in the end it's the woman's decision. I'd like to give birth naturally, but if I can't, it's not an issue, I'm not against C-section. I just told my doctor I don't want to feel pain, I want drugs". CHOOSING THE NAME "I had a feeling and everyone who looked at me said it was a boy. As soon as I got pregnant, I knew it was a boy. But all my life I always thought I'd have a girl. When I found out, at ten weeks, Karim loved it. He didn't say he wanted a boy, but when I told he was inexplicably happy. We're torn about the name: Hamed, my father-in-law's name; Karim, my husband's name, or Anwar, an Arabic name. I'll wait to see the baby's face to see which one fits him best". STRICT MOMMY. "I think he'll be really spoiled by his grandparents, but I won't spoil him, no. I'll be strict! I think I'll be really demanding, strict because my mom was with me and I believe it was good. I was on line and I always was someone who does things correctly. I think manners are really important, they come from the family. They say the child's character is shaped up until they're 8, so I'll be strict. Karim will let him do everything, I'll be the disciplinarian". BACK TO WORK "I plan on getting back to work after six months. If I can, I'll take him on my travels, I'll take the nanny too. I want to be a hands-on mom, I don't want the nanny to raise my kid, so, naturally, I'll slow down. I'll have a nanny to help me because I'll work, I won't be a stay-at-home-mom. You can do both, but you have to know how to delegate". POLYGLOT BABY. "As soon as the baby is allowed, we'll go back to London. Then we'll go to Egypt and when he starts to learn to read and write, to Athens because of my husband's business. He'll be a traveller. I want to talk to him in Portuguese, Karim in Arab, he'll learn English at school and Greek in Greece because he'll learn to read and write there. I'd love to come back to Brazil, but today it's impossible. With my husband's business and mine too, there's no way". FIVE NURSERIES. "I've bought the baby stuff, got them in New York. I went crazy because you want to buy everything, but you can't but a lot because at first the baby outgrows them. The plus is that my sister-in-law, Tania, did me the favor of shopping the rest for the other nurseries, in London, Cairo, Athens and LA. Since she already has a kid, she knows what to buy. In each place there will be a decor, but it'll be neutral because if I have a girl later, she'll be able to use the bedroom, I won't have to rework everything". A BABY SISTER. "After I have the first, I'll give you this answer, let's see how it goes with this one. But I think I want two. I have two sisters, it's really good to have a sibling, to have company. I think I'll have another one. I want to have a little girl so she can wear my wedding gown. I had my wedding dress done thinking on my daughter, I swear!" MODEL SON. "If my son wants to be a model, I'll support him, but only after he's 18. I started my career when I was 13, I was too young. 18 is a good age. I want him to finish school first. He has to enjoy his life, his childhood, his teenage years". RELIGION. "My husband is Muslim and I'm Catholic. He'll be born Muslim because the child of a Muslim is automatically Muslim. But we've talked it already, he'll choose the religion he wants to be. Karim went to church because his mom is Christian. My son will probably be the same. I'd like to have him baptized so he'll have godparents". MARRIAGE. "To get married is great, everyone says it changes, I thought it changes for the best. The bonds are stronger with your husband, you grow closer. I'm enjoying my marriage a lot. He said, 'We'll be even closer now, after the baby'. And I said, 'How? More than we are already?'"
  2. Ana's interview to Yes Wedding: One of the most sought-after models, Ana Beatriz Barros recently tied the knot with Egyptian businessman Katim El Chiaty. In a enviable, movie-worth wedding, the couple welcomed more than a thousand guests in Lia Beach, in Mykonos (Greece). For three days, the wedding was news all around the world and had supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio, Isabeli Fontana, Fernanda Motta, Jeisa Chiminazzo, Renata Maciel and Cassia Lara as bridesmaids. Here's an exclusive interview with Ana Beatriz Barros to Yes Wedding about her very special moment. Yes Wedding - You and Karim have been together for more than three years. In your opinion, what are the secrets for such a happy relationship? Ana Beatriz Barros - Companionship, respect and complicity. YW - What did you feel when you got engaged? Was it something unexpected? ABB - An enormous happiness. I didn't imagine, it was a big surprise in a holiday trip to Trancoso, Bahia. Karim asked me for a stroll on the beach. It was just the two of us, no one else. It was beautiful, romantic and unexpected. YW - Before you were engaged, did you dream about your wedding? Were your bridal dreams made true? ABB - I always knew how my gown would be and it really was the way I wanted and imagined all my life, designed by Valentino, someone I'm just a fan of and whose work I love. The wedding was more than I imagined, it was a dream. YW - How was planning? Did your fiancé help, was he a part of planning? ABB - Karim helped with everything. We did everything and chose everything together. Karim loves art, architecture, and so he worried over every detail. The wedding was just like us and everything was chosen by us two together. He was part even of tasting. He was a really active, participative groom. YW - You're beautiful all over and wouldn't need it, but during your bridal day, did you do anything special with your diet or your beauty especially for the wedding? ABB - We're always concerned, yes? I got my teeth whitened, worked out a lot the week before and had my hair lightened. YW - How did you align your busy workload with planning? ABB - It was complicated, being every hour in a place in the world, but I had the help of a team in Brazil and another in London, beside the details in Greece. It worked out, everyone helped, especially my bridesmaids and my mother-in-law. YW - You said you wanted a ceremony, even if it wasn't usual for Karim's beliefs. Did the cultural and religious differences influence any other decision during planning? ABB - We decided for an ecumenical ceremony, and it was beautiful! It was more than what I imagined, I feel accomplished. We managed to have everything like we dreamed: the party, the ceremony, the courthouse. YW - What was the most touching moment of your day, and why? ABB - The moment I said I do, and every other moment. I'm the happiest bride. YW - You partied for three days. Which moment would you choose for each one of the celebrations? ABB - I wanted everything to have our touch. The flowers, because I love flowers, came from Venice, in Italy. The bands and DJs we chose, the menu... We were really careful with every detail, everything looked like us, was our choice. The party on the 9th, tropical, with white clothes, was inspired by a party we liked a lot -- the Saravá Party in Trancoso, Bahia. YW - Talking about your bridal gowns, can you tell us a little about your inspirations and desires for each one of the looks you wore? ABB - Valentino was my dream, because I really admire his work. It was like I dreamed, like I imagined and always wanted, my main dress. The second dress, to party and dance, was by Cavalli, a brand I also admire a lot. On the second day I wore two dresses by Naeen Khan, both as I thought. Each dress matched the moment. I really wanted to enjoy my wedding from beginning to end, and the gowns helped with it. YW - How was having a destination wedding? ABB - It wasn't easy, but I had teams and extremely qualified professional help. Not to mention the help of my family and bridesmaids. And, because Karim always goes to Mykonos and has a house there, the family being there always helped a lot. YW - Your family was a big part of your life and career. Which lessons will you take for your new family that you'll build with your husband? ABB - To build a family based on love, unity and complicity, also politeness. Family is basis for everything, and both Karim and I were raised like that. YW - Tell us another cool detail that you'd want to share with us, we'll love it! ABB - It was really more than what I dreamed, the happiest day of my life. To see people I love, friends and family, everyone there... We made everything with deep care, really thought of us and of our guests.
  3. VS e-mail ad I received earlier today:
  4. She looks STUNNING on the Calzedonia shoot!
  5. She so deserves the Fantasy Bra this year. VS, make it happen.
  6. I totally agree with you!!Victoria Secret needs more exotic ladies like Sara.She will make a good sense if she will be... :dance:
  7. She definitely deserves to be an Angel.
  8. Thank you both very much
  9. I'm so sorry if she was already ID'ed, but can anyone tell me who she is?
  10. juliebrazil


    Here's the Caras' magazine article about Alessandra (she's the cover this week, introducing Noah). Alessandra Ambrósio introduces her youngest, Noah Phoenix With her Anja, the supermodel introduces Noah, the new member of the family. She's one of the hottest fashion icons of the moment. She appears on the powerful team of models that make Brazil famous throughout the world. But it's far from all that mess that Alessandra Ambrósio, 31, enjoys the best moments of her life. "To have a family was a childhood dream. Before I thought of having a career, I was already picking the name of my children", reveals the gaúcha. Serene, she exclusively received Caras in her apartment in Florianópolis, holding in her arms what she calls her "second miracle": Noah Phoenix, born in May 7. "To conceive is special", celebrates Alê, mother of Anja, also born from her relationship of five years with American businessman Jamie Mazur, 34. "I feel extremely happy with my husband and my children", states the beauty who, to celebrate her moment, donated, jointly with Pampers, R$ 150.000 for Unicef's social projects. Multitasking with her care with the children, the model shows calm and security. "We, women, have this gift", says, amused, the sixth best paid model in the world, having earned US$ 6,6 million in 2011 according to Forbes. What have changed in your life with maternity? I live for my children, everything I do is thinking about their future. To look at them is to see my dream come true. When I got pregnant with Anja it was a surprise and, since then, I had been planning to give her a sibling. I don't know if we're finished here. And Jamie? We've grown closer. We have built the family we wanted so much. Was he there for the birth? Jamie was by my side the entire time. He was the one who held Noah for the first time and brought him to me. He held my hand and filmed everything with the other. The videos are a little shaky, but it was worth it (laughs) What did you feel when you saw Noah? I wanted to see if he was perfect, I looked at his face and asked if he was fine, healthy. I was deeply thankful. He's a gift. I cried a lot. Who does he look like? Jamie thinks he'll look more like me, he has my eyes and my skin tone. I remember that with Anja I had no doubts, I saw me in her face. But with Noah I haven't seen it yet. Maybe because he's a boy, I'm still learning. Who chose his name? We were stuck between two, then in the day he was born, I asked Anja to pick. Noah is a biblical name, I always thought it was beautiful. And Phoenix shows strength. How did Anja receive him? She was happy and anxious. She watched the video of his birth and even cried. She was one of the first people to touch him and she's all proud of that. Does she get jealous? When we arrived home from the hospital she put up a dance show. It wasn't jealousy, but she wanted to show she had new things to offer. Now she's very zealous, wants to show him to the world. She has put him on her doll stroller and pushed him around the house. Why did you choose to have your children on Brazil? With Anja, I wanted to be here so I had my parents and my sister around, to be able to speak my language in case anything went wrong. But with Noah, the plan was that he would be born in America, but I arrived in Brazil and didn't feel the desire to go back. Do you see any difference between mothering a boy and a girl? Having a girl you already put top, skirt, earrings. It's easier with boys. But there's a strong connection between mother and son, there's this crazy love since the pregnancy. Anja and I share a delicious closeness, with Noah it's a different feeling, it's more protective. And your motherly routine? It's the best thing in my life. For me, I'd spend tne entire day stuck to them. I love to bath them, get them to sleep and, in Noah's case, to nurse. I feel completely connected to him. Is it hard to balance work and motherhood? I think what is important enough to have me out of the house and away from the kids. Nothing in the world would make me miss a special date or a special moment for them. I give up whatever money. How is Alessandra away from the runway, on her daily routine? I don't wear makeup, I don't comb my hair and I choose to wear comfortable clothes. My daily routine is my children's.
  11. Oh, God. There is this amazing editorial of Candy in this week ISTOÉ GENTE issue (it's a Brazilian magazine) and I'd like to know if anyone will scan it. My scanner is broken =/
  12. Any idea as to who will? In my opinion, for some reason I think she's a bit young to wear it. I mean, I know she's huge for them right now, but once she wears it I feel like her history with the company will continue so much farther than that, and unless she could wear it twice...which would own...it'd seem early or something. I have a feeling Alessandra will wear the FB this year, isn't this VSFS her tenth?
  13. I can't either, thought I was the only one!
  14. Good intention means when people approach you with no hidden agenda, only the true desire of achieving something good. Hope I helped.
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