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    13/14 & 15/16 (C)


    Lithuania, Belarus, Chile, Brazil

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    C Laura Ivaniukas C Darya Yanchik


     C Ignacia Fernandez ↔  C Maura Maurer




    Netherlands, Portugal, Ukraine, USA

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    C Hanna Verhees ↔  C Catarina Maia


    C Anda Kiev ↔ C Taylor Bryant




    Rank the 4 models from most liked to least (or if they're on your team)

    (4 the most, 1 the least)


    Laura Ivaniukas

    Darya Yanchik

    Ignacia Fernandez

    Maura Maurer


    Hanna Verhees

    Catarina Maia

    Anda Kiev

    Taylor Bryant


    9/10 & 11/12 (C)


    Italy, France, Israel, Israel

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    C Giuliana Graul C Maelys Garouis


     C Noa Cohen ↔  C Omer Nudelman




    Uruguay, Argentina, Ukraine, USA

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    C Paula Minetti ↔  C Victoria Furnari


    C Sonya Gorelova ↔ C Erin Cummins




    Rank the 4 models from most liked to least (or if they're on your team)

    (4 the most, 1 the least)


    Giuliana Graul

    Maelys Garouis

    Noa Cohen

    Omer Nudelman


    Paula Minetti

    Victoria Furnari

    Sonya Gorelova

    Erin Cummins

  3. 11 hours ago, CandleVixen said:

    Cool. That might be me when Hubs and I are alone again.

    Father in law dislikes busy things sitting around. (Go figure- he’s only 82 and Alzheimer’s/ dementia and other ailments.)

    I'm sorry to hear about your father in law and it's completely understandable why you don't change up his environment, anything that will help him is for the best.

  4. Fast-food Chain Introduces 'Drag Queen Menu....




    I have zero issues with Queens! I watch RuPauls Drag Race, RuPauls Drag Race Down Under, UK, and All Stars, I've got a couple of friends who do drag, and I've gone to drag shows in Frisco.... but I have a huge issue with this shit. It doesn't belong in our kids shows, and it sure as fuck doesn't belong at our restaurants


  5. BASED




    The Guatemalan president said he and Harris “are not on the same side of the coin” on migration.

    “We asked the United States government to send more of a clear message to prevent more people from leaving,” Giammattei said.

    When Biden took office, “The message changed too: ‘We’re going to reunite families, we’re going to reunite children,’” he said. “The very next day, the coyotes were here organizing groups of children to take them to the United States.”

  6. Just now, CandleVixen said:

    Yea!!!!! I hope you don’t mind, you are my spirit animal when it comes to Christmas shopping. :Ophelia_Immortal:

    I don't understand people who wait till Nov/Dec to get shopping done! It's just too much pressure to get it done in a short period of time, and you have to sink a lot of money in at once leaving you less to enjoy the Holidays for yourself. I'd rather start in Feb/March, buy a 2 to 4  things each month, and then when the Holiday Season rolls around I get to enjoy it knowing that I have very little to do. I also find that buy spreading out when I buy I'm able to get everyone more, and who doesn't love more?


    I'm fanatical about Christmas. I put my Tree up in the beginning of November! and the rest of the house decor is done about a week before Thanksgiving.

  7. Vet Checkups for 2 cats every 6 months = 200$

    Yearly Shots for 2 cats = 45$

    Flea Treatment for a year for 2 cats = 140$

    Toys for 2 cats that they ignore = 40$

    New Cat Tree Once a Year because those son of a bitches like to murder them in 3 months = 160$

    Cardboard Boxes = Free and Cats love em.

    Premium Food for 2 cats for a year = Roughly 120$


    700+ a year for cats......



  8. 1 hour ago, frenchkiki said:

    But... But... If they don't like what you bought or not the right size/color or do not fit whatever is supposed to be fit in

    you or them won't be able to return the items after 6 months ?

    I tend not to buy clothing for people unless I know they're sizes haven't changed in forever. If I want them to have clothing and I don't know their size I'll buy them a gift card to a store... My brother has been a medium since he was 16, he's 37 now. My husband is the same, he hasn't changed clothing sizes in 18 years, same with my mom and Phenobarbie. I also don't buy for people I don't know inside and out. I tend to buy them things they've in passing asked about or expressed interest in buying, or I KNOW from the bottom of my heart they'll love it or need it. I've never once had a single person complain about gifts I given them. I will gladly wear the crown of best gift giver ever...

    .. Weird Flex 💪 but facts



    @phenobarbie  Any complaints about Christmas yet?

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