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  1. Repechage Round

    21/22 & 23/24 (A)


    Russia, Norway, Australia, Ukraine

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    A Vita Sidorkina B Frida Aasen


    B Miranda Kerr ↔  B Yara Khmidan




    Italy, Cuba, Russia, Chile

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    C Sabrina Barca ↔  C Rachel Vallori


    C Natalia Krasavina ↔ C Josefina Cisternas




    Rank the 4 models from most liked to least (or if they're on your team)

    (4 the most, 1 the least)


    Vita Sidorkina

    Frida Aasen

    Miranda Kerr

    Yara Khmidan


    Sabrina Barca

    Rachel Vallori

    Natalia Krasavina

    Josefina Cisternas

  2. Repechage Round

    17/18 & 19/20 (A)


    Columbia, Lithuania, Hungary, Ukraine

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    A Daniela Lopez Osorio A Edita Vilkevicuite


    A Barbara Palvin ↔  A Vika Bronova




    Canada, Italy, Belarus, Brazil

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    B Michea Crawford ↔  B Bianca Balti


    B Maryna Linchuk ↔ B Alessandra Ambrosio




    Rank the 4 models from most liked to least (or if they're on your team)

    (4 the most, 1 the least)


    Daniela Lopez Osorio

    Edita Vilkevicuite

    Barbara Palvin

    Vika Bronova


    Michea Crawford

    Bianca Balti

    Maryna Linchuk

    Alessandra Ambrosio

  3. 28 minutes ago, Joe > Average said:

    Edited posts are generally for suckers, but @Prettyphile, have you been to any of the "Oddities" stores? It was one of my favorite shows that randomly came to mind.


    On the Discovery Channel right? If so yes! I used to get home decorating ideas from that show LOL 

  4. 5 hours ago, FatViking said:

    Hey why do u love Halloween so much? Just curious.

    Because it's Halloween? lol what is not to love.


    I adore the season, the weather, the smells, the tastes, Horror Movies, Haunted Houses, Pumpkins, the decor, and the fact that I can be myself without getting comments from people asking if I'm a witch, do I believe in Satan, do I believe in god, do I think I'm a vampire, undead undead undead etc.  When I lived in San Francisco and Hollywood I was never bothered with odd looks or comments, but since moving to a Southern State I get a lot of them, - more nasty looks, less comments - The only two cities so far that I've found that are decently accepting of people who aren't "normal" are New Orleans and Atlanta, but everywhere else is a giant middle finger.


    As a child I was drawn to the eerie and macabre. While all my friends were praising the newest barbie dolls and Disney EVERYTHING, I thought the villains were just bad ass and far cooler.

    While my friends liked Cabbage Patch Kids

    Cabbage Patch Kids 14" Kids Dancer Doll : Target



    I was way into the Garbage Pail Kids ❤️

    Amazon.com: 2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids We Hate the '90s TV Stickers A #4  TRIMMED TIM Peelable Collectible Trading Sticker Card (Home Improvement):  Entertainment CollectiblesAmazon.com: 2020 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Late to School Booger Green #43B  WIZ KID WILLIAM Official Nonsport Standard Sized Trading Card in Raw (NM or  Better) Condition.: Entertainment Collectibles

    15 Most Valuable Garbage Pail Kids Cards | Old Sports Cards1986 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Card Bony Tony 132a image 0


    My friends loved... Disney books (yes they used to be a thing)

    I loved RL Stine


    They liked going to the mall to get stuff from Claire's (so many sparkles and neon)

    My accessories from Claires | 80s birthday parties, Tween accessories, 80th  birthday

    I liked hanging around a store that had lots of dark clothing (kinda like Hot Topic, but more authentic goth with cooler music that wasn't Madonna and Michael Jackson on repeat 24/7)


    I was the kid who hung out at the local Cemeteries for hours on end just walking around looking at the headstones. During slumber parties I brought the Oujia, while my friends screamed and thought the demons would get them so we passed on the cool thing to play Teen Date Line... When we started getting part time jobs at 11-13 (it was a different time) I ended up working at the Sonoma Developmental Center because I wanted to help and frankly I was completely fascinated by the "strange". I didn't even like a lot of the popular music at the time and instead I gravitated towards the punk scene (not this My Chemical Romance Emo Baby Punk Pop Punk Bullshit), we talking the 70's/Early 80's punk, then in junior high (8th grade) and found The Cure, the Goth Scene, Industrial, and Darkwave music, and I never looked back. Halloween and my lifestyle just go hand and hand.





  5. Repechage Round

    13/14 & 15/16 (A)


    Netherlands, USA, Philippines, Portugal

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    A Doutzen Kroes A Taylor Hill


    B Kelsey Merritt ↔  A Sara Sampaio




    Argentina, Russia, USA, Germany

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    B Camila Morrone ↔  B Yulia Rose


    B Celine Farach ↔ B Lea Dina Mohr




    Rank the 4 models from most liked to least (or if they're on your team)

    (4 the most, 1 the least)


    Doutzen Kroes

    Taylor Hill

    Kelsey Merritt

    Sara Sampaio


    Camila Morrone

    Yulia Rose

    Celine Farach

    Lea Dina Mohr

  6. Repechage Round

    9/10 & 11/12 (A)


    USA, Australia, Brazil, USA

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    A Hannah Ferguson A Sarah Stephens


    A Lais Ribeiro ↔  A Emily Didonato




    Sweden, USA, France, USA

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    A Elsa Hosk ↔  A Carmella Rose


    A Thylane Blondeau ↔ A Abby Champion




    Rank the 4 models from most liked to least (or if they're on your team)

    (4 the most, 1 the least)


    Hannah Ferguson

    Sarah Stephens

    Lais Ribeiro

    Emily Didonato


    Elsa Hosk

    Carmella Rose

    Thylane Blondeau

    Abby Champion

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