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  1. Repechage Round

    5/6 & 7/8 (B)


    France, USA, USA, Sweden

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    B Gabrielle Caunesil B Kari Riley


    B Maggie Rawlins ↔  B Kelly Gale




    Germany, UK, Israel, Spain

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    B Nicola Cavanis ↔  B Emily Deyt-Aysage


    C Nibar Madar ↔ B Blanca Padilla




    Rank the 4 models from most liked to least (or if they're on your team)

    (4 the most, 1 the least)


    Gabrielle Caunesil

    Kari Riley

    Maggie Rawlins

    Kelly Gale


    Nicola Cavanis

    Emily Deyt-Aysage

    Nibar Madar

    Blanca Padilla

  2. 22 minutes ago, Enrico_sw said:



    The craziness from the American Left is being imported in France as well now................. Some feminist SJW is teaching sexuality to a 5 and 7 year old. :banghead:

    What the f*** is wrong with these people? :ermm:


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    I wish I had an answer for you that doesn't come across as conspiracy theorist. All I know is the Left is a fucking cancer and they lack any and all common sense. The sooner Biden is out and we can get Trump or MAGA into office, perhaps the leader of the free world can push some normalcy back into it. All we can do is continue to push the truth on all forms of social media, MEME the hell out of the left till the pictures make sense and if we can reach a couple of people and break them out of this spell they're under, then we've made a small victory for the day. Keep up the good fight, know you aren't alone, and let your voice me heard LOUD AND CLEAR for the people in the back of the room.

  3. @COP11 @phenobarbie



    Testimony from a Moderna coronavirus vaccine victim has gone viral on social media exposing the deadly vaccine for causing cancer in thousands of American women.

    The video begins with a woman displaying an envelope sent to her right after she took the vaccine with a confidential notice on the front.

    The victim reveals that inside the envelope is a summons to a secret cancer screening specifically being done in the context of COVID-19, for which she was just injected with the Moderna vaccine for. The terrifying summons bears the large banner “Cancer Screening Tests During COVID-19”.

    The cancer summons was personalized, sent to ‘Alison Jones’, presumably the woman in the video exposing the cancerous vaccine. Parts of the confidential letter were flashed to the screen by Jones throughout the video.

    At the end of the video the brave victim drops a bombshell: “They said that there are 1500 women that have cases of cervical cancer now. So they have invited me in to get the screening done again to make sure that I don’t have cervical cancer now due to the COVID vaccine.”


    We now have confirmation: the Moderna vaccine is highly deadly and causes cancer, at least in women.


  4. Repechage Round

    1/2 & 3/4 (B)


    Australia, USA, USA, Brazil

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    B Charlie Robertson A Bryana Holly


    B Chandler Bailey ↔  B Cintia Dicker




    USA, Canada, Australia, Denmark

    Handicaps & Bonuses in place


    B Xian Mikol ↔  B Marina Laswick


    A Shanina Shaik ↔ B Nina Agdal




    Rank the 4 models from most liked to least (or if they're on your team)

    (4 the most, 1 the least)


    Charlie Robertson

    Bryana Holly

    Chandler Bailey

    Cintia Dicker


    Xian Mikol

    Marina Laswick

    Shanina Shaik

    Nina Agdal

  5. After ONE Repechage Round  (A) these are your top 5 earning models and the lowest 5 after handicaps & bonuses


    HIGHEST POINTS IN GROUP A (in no particular order)

    1. Kristina Sheiter
    2. Sharam Diniz
    3. Rachel Vallori
    4. Jamea Lynee
    5. Emily Didonato


    LOWEST POINTS IN GROUP A (in no particular order)

    1. Kelsey Merritt
    2. Nicole Harrison
    3. Behati Prinsloo
    4. Vita Sidorkina & Josefina Cisternas (tied)
    5. Maryna Linchuk
  6. 7 minutes ago, Enrico_sw said:


    This guy said "if you don't vote for me, you ain't black". That's one of the most bigoted sentence I've heard in a campaign. It's like they think they own "POC" and when POC don't think like them, they have the most hateful slurs against them.


    The far left (particularly in the US) is the biggest provider of intolerant ideas. It's there business: they divide people on the basis of their skin colour. All their concepts (CRT, privilege, etc.) are tools to divide people and get votes.


    Anyway, I'm gonna rant again... :ninja:

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    I'm STILL floored that POCs voted for this fuckwit.. (let alone anyone else)

  7. On 6/7/2021 at 11:47 PM, Prettyphile said:

    Fast-food Chain Introduces 'Drag Queen Menu....




    I have zero issues with Queens! I watch RuPauls Drag Race, RuPauls Drag Race Down Under, UK, and All Stars, I've got a couple of friends who do drag, and I've gone to drag shows in Frisco.... but I have a huge issue with this shit. It doesn't belong in our kids shows, and it sure as fuck doesn't belong at our restaurants



    Get woke, go broke...

  8. 47 minutes ago, CandleVixen said:

    And by yet, it’s correctly spelled elsewhere! 

    @Prettyphile the graphic does make one think 🤔 

    They call her Kilary for a reason. :rofl:  "Elect women, they're more empathetic" they say... On a serious note - this bitch is fucking crazy, and if Satan is real he's on Earth and has taken the form of this cunt... and yet I'd still take her over Xiden and Heels Up Harris.




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