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  1. They did this like five or six years ago. It was tied into their "Sexy Little Things" collection. They had outfits called Sexy Little Ballerina, Sexy Little Maid, and many more variations all modeled by Candice. My memory is hazy on the timeline, but I think they dropped it shortly after the Sexy Little Geisha controversy.
  2. The Valentine's catalogue has been online for a few weeks already. Candice is on the cover. The inside is mostly Candice, Behati, Lais and Jac. There's some other nondescript blondes in there too, but they aren't worth the effort of learning their names.
  3. Your singular focus on one word (wannabes) does not negate my opposition to your opinion, champagnebrulee. You are the one who used the current batch of models and lamented the future departure of a few of them as if VS would be losing household names. If you would like to have a discussion on what you feel determines your household name status and who does and does not qualify under your standards, then I will gladly engage in that conversation with you. As it stands, I don't think the company has any household names to lose. They have all departed.
  4. They don't have any household names now.Gisele and Heidi were the last angels that were true superstar supermodels. The rest are just wannabes. I feel like people at least know who...You can throw any name in that statement as you wish, but there is a difference in someone knowing who someone is and that person being a household name.Granted, there are different levels of fame and celebrity, but to call any of the current angels a household name is laughable to me.
  5. They don't have any household names now.Gisele and Heidi were the last angels that were true superstar supermodels. The rest are just wannabes.
  6. They didn't drop Rosie. Rosie dropped them. It's clear she decided she was done after becoming an "actress."
  7. It appears that we have two spurious threads now. A. One full of hilarity, awesomeness, snark, and insightful commentary wrapped in witty banter B. One full of delusions, soapboxes, obsessions, and fan brigades devoid of rational thinking Guess which category this thread falls under. Your choices are B, B, or Not A.
  8. There are paparazzi pictures of the St Barts shoots quite often throughout the year. However, those candids that come out don't include Barbara Palvin so you probably haven't noticed their frequency. It's not that deep.
  9. So which one is supposed to be Chanel? And who is Victroia?
  10. Glad Lily didn't get that outfit because it covered her up too much. Her post-baby body is fantastic, so it needed to be shown off, and the two outfits that she ended up with did just that. That yellow outfit that Shanina got wouldn't have done that. She also fitted for Constance's yellow monstrosity that wouldn't have shown off her body either. The two outfits that Lily ended up getting were perfect for her. The red outfit is probably one of my favorites from the show, and I'm glad she got two sets of wings.
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