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  2. European Models Tournament

    Marloes Horst Rozanne Verduin Fabienne Hagedorn Hanna Verhees
  3. European Models Tournament

    Marloes Rozanne Fabienne Hanna I can't believe I'm actually voting for Marloes, but that other model looks funny.
  4. Candids

    I like her after party look. She looks stunning. She is happy, she is glowing.
  5. General Discussion

    One of the choreographers from the show
  6. General Discussion

    20th should be it. She has to leave when people will still be sad for her to go. Not when they say "yeah, its about time she goes"
  7. General Discussion

    She said until her 20th show, maybe more.
  8. Candice Swanepoel

  9. Emmy Rossum

    At LAX 11/19/17 source: celebrityphotos
  10. Frida Aasen

    SUPER ELLE – WINTER 2017 Ph: Primol Xue Stylist: Sean Huang Hair: Gonn Kinoshita Makeup: Alex T source: womenmanagement
  11. Georgia Fowler

    Glamour Paris November 2017 Photographer: Rebekah Campbell source: imgmodels
  12. Maya Stepper

    Elle Mexico November 2017 by Anairam source; fattongue
  13. Rihanna

    Vogue Paris December 2017/January 2018 source: fattongue
  14. January Jones

  15. Chloe Moretz

    Los Angeles , Nov 20 '17
  16. Jessica Lee Buchanan

  17. Cara Delevingne

    Chaos SixtyNine #1 2017 Photographer: Cass Bird Make Up: Val Garland Slight Nudity source: wearesodroee
  18. Vita Sidorkina

    Instagram story. She's so beautiful, omg, I can't.
  19. Joséphine Le Tutour

    Harper’s Bazaar Spain December 2017 Photography: Zoltan Tombor Styled by: Beatriz Moreno de la Cova Hair: Roberto Di Cuia Makeup: Steven Canavan source: fashioneditorials
  20. Sasha Kichigina

    Summerwinter Homme Magazine November 2017 Photography: Christopher Ferguson Styled by: Debbie Hsieh Hair & Makeup: Hikaru Kirano See-through Nudity source: fashioneditorials
  21. Today
  22. Romee Strijd

    Romee killed it this year. I started liking her on the last FS, but in this one she looked beyond beautiful. New fan here!
  23. Now Playing

    ^ Never heard of him... sounds good.
  24. I Am...

    Wishing all the disgraces to the pair of fuckers who gave dislike to this
  25. Anastasija Titko

    ELLE FRANCE NOVEMBER 17TH, 2017 Photography: David Cohen De Lara Styling: Virginie Benarroch Hair: Vourlis Make-Up: Mayumi Oda source: awake-smile blogspot
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