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  2. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    The example of Lais is interesting very little buzz on social media, few followers, yet a long seniority in the brand and had her FB. It shows that social media don't do all the business. I think that Lais reaches consumers who are not very present on social media, otherwise they would have fired her for a long time. to conclude I think social media has a minor impact on sales.
  3. General Discussion

    I don't think so. In 2015 she only posted one fashion show picture and didn't get as many likes. Adriana has been more talked about for this year show than anybody in terms of runway look. Her photos are the most retweeted on twitter. I am sure she has more tweets/retweets made about her than anybody (perhaps candice may because she opened with Harry performing) but yeah, Adriana was highly talked about after the show. She was even trending on yahoo before it even started that evening. Alot of people did like her outfits this year and they liked her runway pics Nobody has this many tweets just about them neither.
  4. Sure, as long as they are VS related it's fine Naomi hasn't been nominated yet, and I won't nominate Ming as I decided to not nominate anyone myself. I'll close the nominations at 60 so there's just 15 spots left. I want to star the competition the first weekend of December, so everyone please send me pictures/videos before December 3rd or I'll hunt pictures/videos myself.
  5. Daphne Groeneveld

    ^ editorial source: fashiongonerogue
  6. Vanessa Moody

    TELEGRAPH UK – NOVEMBER 2017 Ph: Stas Komarovski Stylist: Maya Zepinic Hair: Edward Lampley Makeup: Cyndle Komarovski source: womenmanagement
  7. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    Spying huh? I'm guessing she's new to social media. Its still not very common in former Soviet Bloc
  8. Jean Campbell

    Vogue UK December 2017 by Bruce Weber source: dnamodels
  9. Zoe Barnard

    IMG ORIGINALS | OFFSHORE Photographer: Aaron Michael
  10. VSFS 2017 Awards;

    Wow, that was fast! Adriana Lima Wings: 4.5 Overall Look: 6 Aiden Curtiss Overall Look: 5
  11. Candids

    Omg what look is this?! Is this new? Is she in Turkey?argh
  12. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    ^Apparently BZ is spying on Dasha.
  13. VSFS 2017 Awards;

    Adriana W: 6 OL: 8 Aiden OL: 7
  14. Rubina Dyan

    Fashion Magazine December 2017 Photography: Michael Schwartz Styled by: Zeina Esmail Hair: DJ Quintero Makeup: Virginia Young source: fashioneditorials
  15. Serlina Hohmann

    The hair stylist worked several times for Harper's Bazaar Argentina. https://models.com/people/nacho-lopez-fagalde I hope this time again ;-). It would be a big step forward for Serlina. @Charlie's Alter Ego Thanks for uploading the Bijou Brigitte pic.
  16. Candids

  17. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    What other impact does she have she deserves more followers but I thought she would gain more at least 2m followers ..
  18. Malgosia Bela

    THE SUNDAY TIMES STYLE NOVEMBER 19, 2017 Photography: Ward Ivan Rafik Styling: Verity Parker Hair: Paolo Soffiatti Make-Up: Jenny Coombs Manicure: Pebble Aikens source: awake-smile blogspot
  19. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I agree social media are new channels of advertising that should not be ignored. But I think we should not over estimate its importance. they will be interesting on part of the public but only a minority of consumers that should not be neglected of course. Diorsfashion I agree with you their market research may have shown that Lais has an impact elsewhere than on social media.
  20. Candids

  21. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    Wait, what the heck happened with Dasha there?
  22. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Yea I think this is true lais for the fb and she doesn't have many followers but she got the b brand should aim to promote their bras and etc to an older demographic not teens they should start stop relying on social media
  23. Hi! Could you please change my name to: Jacksy Thank you!
  24. Frida Aasen

    which girl by your opinion will be more popular Alexina Graham or Frida Aasen?
  25. Alexina Graham

    which girl by your opinion will be more popular Alexina Graham or Frida Aasen?
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