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  2. I really haven't thought much about this, I was mainly just agreeing with what jj3 and kiki were saying, but I guess I will try to answer: Like most things there is a line where it goes from acceptable to not. Based on your stated results, I imagine you tried not to cross that line. And also you didn't shout at women across the street and then follow them when they didn't respond, but there are many men who do both of those things. I don't think you meant it this way, but I try not to tell someone they exaggerate their responses to situations. This frequently happens to victims of abuse, both women and men, and can result in people being unwilling to report abuse.
  3. Tomb Raider (2018)

    I heard that the female lead from star wars auditioned and lost the part for Tomb Raider. She's a cutie but the film looks very generic
  4. Tomb Raider (2018)

    The poster is pretty bad. The trailer is considerably better, although still there seems to be something off about it. Doubt I'll see this one in theaters, but I'll definitely check it out when it arrives on Blu-ray.
  5. Anastasiya Scheglova

    Yah, it is. Hopefully it'll open more doors for her, in the event that the song would rise in popularity (just not here I hope, I personally find the song sucks) Nah, our Nastya won't be going to jail. That would be horrible though
  6. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    I think your answer to my question is an affirmative "no", you don't cold approach. Approaching attractive women on the street is normal male activity and in fact almost essential unless one wants to die alone. I've been approaching women since I was 18. In the first 4 weeks of living in NYC, I approached around 60 attractive women (age 18-33) and got 10 phone numbers. A few numbers were converted into friends. I had absolutely no skill back then and don't remember any negative incidents. The majority of the time, the women were flattered, smiled, and laughed when I made a move on them.. Yes, a lot of "street harassment" is from cold approach (although keep in mind that women often exaggerate and distort things when they are agitated)
  7. Yasmin Wijnaldum

    Numero 187. (IG)
  8. European Models Tournament

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  10. Katharine McPhee

    Grammy Museum Gala in Westwood - 9.19.17
  11. Bryana Holly

    I think she knows she's hot
  12. Jehane "Gigi" Paris

  13. jj3 and kiki were talking about street harassment and street harassment is not the same as cold approach. Also, cold approach can quickly turn into harassment. This is particularly true when the man persists after being told no or given no response indicating interest. A cold approach on the street is frequently odd anyway. Usually the women is trying to go somewhere (work, etc.), has no desire to find a significant other on the way, and would prefer to just be left alone.
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  15. Candice Swanepoel

  16. Candice Swanepoel

  17. Motion

    adriana on Harry Connick Jnr talk show 640x360_MP4_1201653760573422499.mp4
  18. New pix just taken of Leo walking around NY
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  20. Doutzen Kroes

    arriving at the Edition Hotel in London 19.09.2017 from http://www.hqcelebcorner.net
  21. Candids

    from http://www.hqcelebcorner.net
  22. Grace Elizabeth

    At Alberta Ferretti After the show
  23. Cara Delevingne

    Los Angeles International, Sept 20 '17
  24. Candice Swanepoel

  25. The "What Are You Thinking About Right Now?" PIP

    you don't cold approach women?
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