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Lindsey Wixson

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Anna Sui SS 2013


post-38290-0-1446110187-50275_thumb.jpg post-38290-0-1446110187-53017_thumb.jpg


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Carolina Herrera S/S 2013 New York

Donna Karan S/S 2013 New York

post-31828-0-1446110193-0333_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110193-05766_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110193-0861_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110193-12028_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110193-14783_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110193-18481_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110193-22278_thumb.jpg

Rodarte S/S 2013 New York

post-31828-0-1446110193-2492_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110193-27323_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110193-32684_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110193-38838_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110193-40623_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110193-42817_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110193-45234_thumb.jpg


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Editorial "Minimal Baroque" in Vogue China October 2012

Photographer: Sharif Hamza

Stylist: Julia von Boehm

Hair: Shay Ashual at Tim Howard Management

Make-up: Wendy Rowe at Tim Howard Management

Manicure: Gina Edwards at Kate Ryan Inc.

Casting: Piergiorgio del Moro at Streeters

Set Design: Leone Ioannou

Production: Ashley Herson

Model: Lindsey Wixson

Source: zinio, via Mat_Cyruss at the Fashion Spot

post-3311-0-1446110197-85023_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446110198-18389_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446110198-27677_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446110198-3708_thumb.jpg post-3311-0-1446110198-49132_thumb.jpg

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Wow, that was uexpected. She looks so different and so good. Love it, thanks for sharing! :flower:

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What a diva at Anna Sui. :hehe:

Moschino S/S 2013 Milan

post-31828-0-1446110214-71786_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110214-73227_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110214-79989_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110214-85432_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110214-89875_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110214-9362_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110214-96487_thumb.jpg

Fendi S/S 2013 Milan

post-31828-0-1446110214-98736_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110215-01675_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110215-05748_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110215-08489_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110215-11118_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110215-13253_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110215-17544_thumb.jpg

Antonio Marras S/S 2013 Milan ©

post-31828-0-1446110215-21669_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110215-25511_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110215-27485_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110215-30657_thumb.jpg post-31828-0-1446110215-38286_thumb.jpg


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