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Barbara Palvin

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I just saw this picture and I think I've fallen in love (L)

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Thanks (:

New photos:

post-45408-0-1446060170-05612_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-09581_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-13549_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-15603_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-19352_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-21889_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-23221_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-24526_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-26146_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-29251_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-30255_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-32596_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-35037_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-37198_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-40374_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-43622_thumb.jpg

{Glamour Women of the Year 2011}

post-45408-0-1446060170-45515_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-47894_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-50806_thumb.jpg post-45408-0-1446060170-5232_thumb.jpg


I love all of them (L)

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OMG she looks soooo pretty in that video :heart: Love love love it, she is just too pretty!

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LOL. sexy tomboy. shes so cute :)

and she seems pretty good at soccer in the Tommy video, I remember reading an interview and she said she plays striker :D

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